Scientific Method Flowchart


The Scientific Method is a series of steps that scientist and science students go through to answer scientific questions and solve problems. Sometimes the steps are done in order, but more often the order changes depending on their results. Look at this diagram or figure 10 on page 13 of your Red book. This shows a flowchart of the step of the scienfic method. You are going to create your own Scientific Method flowchart. It should NOT look just like this one, however, it should have all the same steps and same relationships shown by arrows. (in other words, don't copy it).

  1. Open up "Inspiration"

  2. Save as "Scientific Method Flowchart"

  3. Using the symbols and by connecting symbols, recreate your own Scientific Method flowchart similar, but not the same as the sample in the book. All of the steps and arrows should be the same.

  4. Once you have your flowchart completed, you can add pictures to enhance it.







Christensen - rev. 1/04